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Have a Recipe Request?

I am always delighted to hear about your cooking adventures, tips and ideas. I love to learn about new ingredients, where you have been and what you have eaten. The food and recipes I blog about is the food I love and cook at home for my family and friends. I am not a chef, I am just a girl who loves to cook, eat and learn about food. If I am inspired by something I have eaten at a restaurant, if I have seen a recipe on TV or read about something in a magazine I will use these ideas to try and create something of my own.

If you feel as if I am overlooking a particular favourite of yours or if you are unsure of what to do with a particular ingredient please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know. I am sure the KO kitchen can conduct some creative experiments with your ingredients. If you require a recipe for a special occasion or just an everyday meal to suit your particular veggie or dietary needs either leave a comment or email me. I will try to get back to you with your recipe as soon as I can. I am a dreamer so please be patient with me.

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Spiced Baby Zucchini Soup