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Bateta Vada and a few Extras just for you!

bateta vada 2

It’s a fact. Gujarati’s can’t get enough of these crispy, spicy, soft little things! My recipe is one we traditionally make at home. I love the deep aromatic blend of citrus, chilli, coriander, ginger and cinnamon which is balanced with a delicate sweetness. Bateta Vada are really popular at parties and are great for snacking; you know they’ve gone down well when you’re left with an empty platter which had stacked a hundred of them! This is usually the case at our house. For this reason, I think they are perfect for Christmas get-togethers. A party snack filled with cinnamon spiced mashed potatoes and then deep fried in a crispy batter- What more could you want? (Please don’t say sausage rolls).

If you like mashed potatoes you’re going to love these (because they’re way better!)

Ingredients for the potato mixture

2 cups potatoes, boiled and mashed roughly (try to use the floury kind of potato)
Zest and juice from one lemon
Zest from one lime
½ cup coriander, chopped
1 red chilli, minced
1 green chilli, minced
½ cup spring onions, sliced finely
2 tbsp ginger, minced
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon powder
¼ cup pomegranate seeds (I used them because they’re in season at the moment but if you can’t get any then you can always substitute pomegranates with the same amount of reconstituted golden sultanas)
¼ cup carrots, finely grated
Salt to taste
Instant mashed potato powder (if required)

Sunflower oil to deep fry

For the Batter

Mix together…

1 cup chickpea flour (besan)
1/3 cup rice flour (or self raising flour)
1 ½ cups cold water
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt to taste


1. Mix together all of the ingredients for the spiced potatoes. Simple. I made it even simpler by using my wonderful, fantastic chilli chopper for the ginger, chillies and coriander. You should use yours too! If you don’t have one then I suggest you enter my Create for a Chilli Chopper competition for a chance to win one!

bateta vada spices

Try to make a soft, not sticky mouldable mixture with the potatoes. If your mixture is too moist add some instant mashed potato powder (sometimes it’s easier to cheat!)

bateta vada mixture

Not your average mashed potatoes

2. Roll the potatoes into ping-pong sized balls and refrigerate for half an hour.

bateta vada 3

3. In a separate bowl make your batter and allow it to rest for twenty minutes.

bateta vada batter

Try to aim for this kind of consistency

4. Have a cup of tea.

5. Heat sunflower oil in a wok or deep pan.

6. Dip the potato balls in the batter mixture and quickly and CAREFULLY drop them into the hot oil. Fry on a medium heat until golden brown all over.

bateta vada frying

7. Remove from the pan and place on a paper towel to absorb any excess oil.

bateta vada 7

Serve with cooling coconut and coriander chutney… (Recipe below)

Coconut and Coriander Chutney

Blend together:

1 cup coriander, roughly chopped
2 green chillies, halved
½ tsp cumin seeds
Juice of one lemon
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
1 tbsp plain yogurt
¼ cup water

Then mix this with:

1 cup coconut, shredded
3 tbsp natural yogurt

For the vaghar (tempering of spices):

Heat 1 tbsp sunflower oil in a small pan and add 1 tsp cumin seeds, ¼ tsp asafoetida and 5-6 curry leaves. Pour this over the chutney and mix in a little.

Grab your bateta vada and munch like a Gujarati!

When I make these I often have some batter left over, if you find that you do too then raid your fridge for any veggies, dip them and fry them. In Gujarati these are called Bhajia (pronounced: bHuhJ-YA).

okra bhajia

Okra/bhinda bhajia
chilli and okra bhajia
Dad’s beloved red chilli bhajia
Now go and call everyone you know and throw a party so that you can make these! Hang on, do you even NEED an excuse to make these???
I don’t think so.
Oh, and if you have any left over (I doubt it) then the following day you can make something called Vada Pau-  a fast food favourite from Mumbai. All you need to do is flatten the bateta vada and place it in a toasted bun with all your favourite burger toppings (and coconut chutney!)
Do keep sending in your recipes for the Create for a Chilli Chopper competition!

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