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We Wanna Wear Our Food!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their entries for the Wear Your Food competition. The standard of entries was sky-scraping and I had a hard time picking favourites…

So I didn’t pick a winner all by myself.

This is where I need your help; I need you to vote for your favourite recipe via the poll in the right-hand sidebar. As far as I’m aware, you can vote once a day but please steer clear of voting more than once per day. I want this to be fair for all of the entrants who worked so hard on their entries. So remember to appreciate the labour that went in to these entries, as cheating will NOT be tolerated. I will reserve final judgment on the winner. If I find any cheating has been going on (and I can) then that entrant will be disqualified. I’m saying this because it has happened elsewhere in the past. Not because I want to sound ghastly. The top 3 entries voted for via the poll will face a panel of very cultured judges (my friends- lol) who will pick a winner.

The runner-up (chosen by yours truly) will win the ‘mystery prize’. Exciting.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. Shall I show you what my lovely entrants have been cooking up…? Charm style.

First up we have Tasty Trix’s ‘Bon Voyage Martini’ based on the little blue cocktail charm. Isn’t it a beautiful colour?

Second is the wonderful Mr. P of Delicious Delicious Delicious, with his ‘Glittering Raspberry Kulfi’ based on the ice cream cone charm. Delicious, delicious, delicious indeed. Are those REAL Swarovski crystals or silver dragees?

Next we have Bittersweet Bigarade with two entries: ‘Golden Coin Cupcakes’ and the beautiful bracelet inspired ‘Chocolate and Peach Cheesecake’. Look at the cute little chicky!

Sadhana & Muskaan from A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine sent in a whopping FIVE entries. Yes. Five. They are: ‘Spinach Strawberry Peach Salad’, ‘Carrot / Gajar Halwa’, ‘Insanely Chocolaty Chew-able Sandwich Cookies’, Classic Carrot Raisin Salad Tossed with Honey & Sesame seeds’ and ‘Mediterranean Multi-grain Pinwheels’.

Kim from Jhovaan (Meal – In Konkani) sent in this super pink recipe for ‘Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream’.

Siddhi from the wonderful Cooked… Dil Se created this very original recipe for ‘Strawberry Shashlik’.
The lovely Preeti from Relishing Recipes sent me these cute ‘Lil Sweet Heart Cookies’.

Sharmilee from Sharmis Passions took inspiration from the chocolate cake charm and created this ‘Eggless Chocolate Cake’.

The artistic Mae from Peas Love Carrots sent in some beautifully designed elegant ‘Teacup-inspired Petits-Fours’. See how she has copied the actual design from the teacup charm onto the cakes? Wowza.

Cooking Foodie sent in no less than four great entries. They are; ‘Flourless Chocolate Cake’, ‘Microwave Coffee with Cinnamon Whipped Cream’, ‘Irish Coffee’ and a ‘Mudslide’.

Nithu from Nithu’s Kitchen sent in this very sweet ‘Sweet Heart Sooji Halwa’ recipe.

Jhonny from Food… Thought For! Has sent in this sunny ‘Summery Somersault’ cocktail/mocktail.

Cool Lassi(e) from Pan Gravy Kadai Curry has sent in a colossal seven recipes; ‘Rainbow Cupcakes’, ‘Lemon N Ginger Infused Green Tea’, ‘Sweet Heart Crunchy Ravioli’, ‘Sweet Flaky Palmiers’, ‘Carrot Halwa’, ‘Pear Witch Project (Ghoulish Halloween Treats)’ and ‘Nutella Topped Nutty Mush’.

Due to the fact that these two entries just missed the deadline, I cannot enter their names into the poll. However, if you would like to cast votes for their entries then please leave a comment below stating so.

Swapna has sent in a recipe for ‘Gajar Halwa’

And finally, the lovely Rohini from Curries and Spices has sent in this very clever ‘Chegodi bracelet with Thatai hearts’

Charming, no?

What are you waiting for? Get voting!

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