January 10, 2010

A Flurry of Snowflakes and a Cup of Spiced Milk

spiced milk

Unless you’ve been holidaying in the North Pole you must have heard about all of the snow that’s been falling. Well okay, maybe I phrased that badly. In the UK it’s been unnaturally cold for the past two weeks, with temperatures reaching a glacial -20 degrees C! My car is wearing a snug blanket of bright white and probably complaining of frostbite through silent, icy whispers. People are hobbling through soft, pillowy mounds of snow as it crunches, pops and compacts under even the tiniest of feet. I’ve always thought that falling snowflakes and pallid blizzards are beautiful to see… Through snow encrusted window panes.

Spiced milk is the new hot chocolate. Of course it isn’t an entirely new phenomenon, my mum used to make it for me as a child. She still does treat me to a cup or two when I’m home although when I’m not, I have to make it myself. It’s never as good as hers. Whether it’s snowing in your part of the world or not, I think you should treat your loved ones to a cup of this aromatic, sweet spiced milk. Like I said, it always tastes better when someone else makes it with lots of love!

Spiced Milk
(Serves 1)

Bring to a gentle simmer:

1 cup milk
1 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
1 small pinch of saffron
1 tsp flaked or chopped pistachios and almonds
1 pinch cardamom powder
¼ tsp rosewater
Sprinkle with a little nutmeg (optional)

Serve with plenty of love and great big smile.

spiced milk 2

Here are a few photos I took of the snowfall in my home town in West Yorkshire, England. Enjoy them (preferably whilst you sip a cup of spiced milk and bask in the warmth of your homes!)

Snowy Huddersfield

Snowy Huddersfield 2

Snowy Huddersfield 3

Snowy Huddersfield 4

Snowy Huddersfield 5

Snowy Huddersfield 6

Snowy Huddersfield 7

I love this picture, they look like cute little gingerbread houses!

Snowy Huddersfield 8

Snowy Huddersfield 9

Snowy Huddersfield 10

The next post will announce the winner of the Chilli Chopper! Until then…

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45 responses to “A Flurry of Snowflakes and a Cup of Spiced Milk”

  1. meeso says:

    Ugh, I hate cold and snow… of course, I hate hot and humid, too… I'm so mediocre! This makes me wish I liked milk a little more!

  2. Mae says:

    Ok, I have everything to make this but the nuts… all I have is walnuts and I don't think that will be very tasty… WAIT! I have course ground almonds… yes!

    I'm so glad because the temperature today in Chicago is much the same as it is for you today – except this isn't at all unusual for us, sadly. So going out for ingredients sounds horrible.

    Gosh, you live in a gorgeous place… and those sheep! I want to steal them all and take them to my flat to make it feel more rustic and cozy – 'cept I'm pretty sure I'd be stampeded to death within minutes (a little too rustic and not at all cozy).

    I'm going to make this for me and Jason as soon as I get up from the computer, I'm completely serious. Since he's allergic to chocolate, this is the perfect alternative to hot cocoa!

    Now, all I need is your cool pink glass to put it in…

    Stay warm, Sanjana! xxoo

  3. Stacy says:

    Can't wait to try! Just need to pick up some rose water from the market. Stay warm! πŸ™‚

  4. Viviane, Taste-Buds says:

    Lebanon has been warmer than usual this year, we usually are at like 10 or 11C by this time of the year we are at 26C. Makes me feel lucky looking at your pics and seeing all that snow. Although, it is very beautiful I am completely happy with the warm weather, I am not a winter fan. I wonder if those spices would go with hot chocolate since I am not a fan of milk really. I might give it a try.
    Stay warm πŸ™‚

  5. SE says:

    spiced milk is all what is needed in this cold weather..the artic cold wave has had its effect in all of northern hemisphere..!!!! Stay warm and enjoy !1

  6. Laura says:

    I think the roof of my house is just about visible in one of those!

  7. Chow and Chatter says:

    oh wow love this milk and beautiful pics, wish I was home to see it lol Rebecca

  8. Siddhi Shirsat says:

    hey nice spicy milk..we call it masala doodh…nice presentation n click….
    hey the snaps of snow are very nice…nice clicks

  9. 3 hungry tummies says:

    Keep warm with the beautiful drink you have there. I need some very cold drinks for a very hot day here πŸ™‚

  10. Rochelle says:

    I'm normally not a fan of warm milk but these spices in yours makes it sound great! Beautiful photos of your landscapes also πŸ˜€

  11. Tasty Trix says:

    I am anti-winter, but this milk might just help make things a little easier. ; ) Seriously, I can taste it in my head and I bet it's so soothing!

  12. Mr. P says:

    I want some myself. Mr. Other P has a think about caffeine after 8.00pm (BORING!) and I have never considered warming up milk. It's like no-tea chai!

    Love the idea of the rose water too. It's one of my many favourite flavours!

    Beautiful pics of the countryside by the way. It's like that here in Cardiff too, but without the lovely fields. I did love all the white snow for a while… But I'm over all the slippery pavements now. Bring on Spring!

  13. Brie: Le Grand Fromage says:

    oh wow, i've never heard of spiced milk, but this looks delicious! a great alternative to drinking hot chocolate. those pictures are beautiful! even though winter can be harsh, it is quite breathtaking.

  14. Diana Bauman says:

    What gorgeous photos! It's been unbearably cold in my part of the world as well πŸ™ I'll have to try this spiced milk to warm my family up!

  15. Nithya says:

    wow.. simply superb photos and nice dish πŸ™‚

  16. Ushnish Ghosh says:

    Dear Sanjana
    Awesome pictures!! I liked the caption " Ginger bread houses",
    This drink I can try,,Delhi is unusually cold now
    But for the right taste I need to rush to the Himalatas Ha ha
    I will be off blogging for some times..but please dont delete my name from your followers. πŸ™‚
    Have a nice week ahead

  17. Ju (The Little Teochew) says:

    What a lovely, sweet, delectable drink! I was going "mmm" as I read thru the ingredient list. Spiced milk sounds so much more sophisticated than hot chocolate, really! What gorgeous photos you shared, Sanjana. Only I can't believe that's England. I've never seen a winter so severe! Keep warm, dear girl! πŸ˜‰

  18. Jennifer@womanvfood says:

    I love how you styled the drink, absolutely lovely!

  19. Caveman Cooking says:

    This looks more like an expensive present than a cup of warm milk. Just gorgeous!

  20. MaryMoh says:

    Beautiful milk and beautiful photos. I love hot milk and always heat up mine. Love all the spices added. Would be great in this freezing weather.

  21. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    Love the recipe for spiced milk. Artfully presented. Enjoyed looking at the all the other pictures too. Blizzard is beautiful but the aftermath is horrible. Lol.

  22. Rohini says:

    I totally agree with you buddy; I thought snow was a lot of fun..But after 2 to 3 days of continuous white powder falling all over, it is soooo depressing to see only white everywhere…Huh!! What else perk us better than a warm cup of tea… and er…now spiced milk!!!! Pics look lovely, I am J of you, atleast you can see SUN….Where is that damned SUN in Switzerland??????

  23. AshKuku says:

    I'm saving these pics to help myself during summer…. I would gaze into these & feel them….
    And that is a different milk with a touch of spice….. SPICY!!!!!


  24. notyet100 says:


  25. Sushma Mallya says:

    lovely pics…and i loved the glass of your butter milk,really good and nice recipe for it as well

  26. DEESHA says:

    that looks really cold.. I love spiced milk. very comforting

  27. Vegetable Matter says:

    Sanjana — gorgeous pics, especially your spiced milk. Looks wonderful! Stay warm! Robin

  28. Sandra Austoni says:

    That looks delicious! I love the glass you are using. It's is so pretty.. I'm sure you have enjoyed this warm milk!

  29. experimentalculinarypursuits says:

    Wow, love the winter wonderland pics! I know the UK doesn't snow that often so it gets quite crazy when it does! I heard about the snow because Brian's company has an UK extension, and he said they weren't able to(chose not to)work for 2 days!

    In any case, I need to curl up with a cup of this! I have everything handy in my cabinet (except the cardamon). Ya think it'll work without the cardamon?

  30. Dolly says:

    Beautiful pictures, Sanjana. Awesome choice for this wintry cold – spiced milk. My mom made this when we were kids..now I too have to make it for myself. Wish I was a Kid Again !!!!. Its too cold here too..Philadelphia(US) but not as cold and not too much snow as we had when I lived near the Niagara Falls. SO I'm not complaining. Stay warm and have a cuppa of spiced milk.

  31. Oraphan says:

    What a lovely post! This spiced milk looks and sounds so wonderful! Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. Stay warm, Sanjana!

  32. Cleo Coyle says:

    Hello to Sanjana from New York City! OH, I love spiced milk! We call them "steamers" at the coffeehouse, which = a latte with no coffee! Thank you for the lovely *virtual* winter trip to West Yorkshire. Your photos are wonderful. I'll echo Oraphan in the comment above mine — Stay warm!

    ~Cleo Coyle
    author of the Coffeehouse Mysteries
    Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  33. Flirting with flour says:

    Beautiful pictures! I wish we got some snow πŸ™‚ Im in North Carolina – not much chance for that until at least February. Lovely presentation of the spiced milk too!

  34. Divina Pe says:

    Lovely photos. I sometimes dream of a winter wonderland. I miss the snow.

  35. Malar Gandhi says:

    Awesome presentation, refreshing drink:) Loved all the pictures up there….tooo good:)

  36. Mr. P says:

    You made #1 on Foodbuzz with this Sanjana! Well done x

  37. Shri says:

    Oh!!I love those pics!And the Milk looks wonderful and that cup/glass looks adorable..I love it!

  38. Tina says:

    Lovely presentation dear…Looks fabulous…

  39. zurin says:

    beautiful pictures! love the pink πŸ™‚ and it does sound delicious…I will gv it a go soon.after all its soo easy! tq for visiting my blog…n leaving a lovely comment. πŸ™‚

  40. tastyeatsathome says:

    I could really go for a cup of this right now. Yum!

  41. My Little Space says:

    OMG, Sanjana…those photos are awesome! Truely beautiful. Yeah, I like the same one that you mentioned about… just like those little gingerbread houses. haha…. And that spiced milk should do good on this kind of weather. Over here is still very hot & dry & windy. And my son is not feeling so well today! Hopefully, he'll get better tomorrow. Cheers.

  42. cmiranda says:

    This drink is perfect timing for me since its been raining here for 5 days and hot chocolate just won't do anymore.And the pictures are so lovely Sanjana.Thanks again for sharing them.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Great Post, I have been longing for this receipe, I think the pic's are great. But in Alaska that looks a lot like spring.

  44. Mariam says:

    I'm drinking this milk as I type, and WOW! I'm a huge fan of drinking warm milk before I sleep because it knocks me out…and THIS is my new favorite way of drinking warm milk. It's like a dream!!

  45. manju says:

    Going to try this soon! Love the photos, especially of the sheep — they're so cute.

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