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Burfis and Traybakes

Mohanthal and Dhilo Mohanthal

Mohanthal and Dhilo Mohanthal are buttery, melt-in-the-mouth Indian sweets with cardamom, saffron and mace. Enjoy…

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Bodhi’s Keema Pau Bhaji (Vegan)

Bodhi’s Keema Pau Bhaji (Vegan). A complete meal and super nutritious for the whole family.…

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Sharing Plates

Crispy Popcorn Bhindi Bites

My name is Sanjana and I have a Crispy Popcorn Bhindi Bites addiction. “What are…

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East African Dishes

Chilli-Garlic & Lime Mogo

This Chilli-Garlic & Lime Mogo is a delicious starter prepared with fresh cassava and lots…

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The Meatless Seekh Kebab

The ultimate Meatless Seekh Kebab recipe with green bananas & chickpeas. Oven bake or cook…

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Comforting Bowls

Gujarati Koru Bateta nu Shaak

A tried and true recipe for Gujarati Koru Bateta nu Shaak (dry-style potato curry). This…

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Indian Cooking Basics

Homemade Masala Paneer

Here’s my favourite recipe for Homemade Masala Paneer. I infuse the cheese with a handful…

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Indian Cooking Basics

The Best Homemade Paneer

Say hello to The Best Homemade Paneer. It has been perfected over the years to…

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Puffy Masala Poori

Puffy Masala Poori will forever be a wedding food in my eyes. Fried whole wheat…

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