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Springtime Kofta!

s After falling in love with paneer kofta, I decided that I wanted everyone to…

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Cosmopolitan Chicks for Easter?

Today’s Daily Express contains rainbow chicks. I’m not actually a newspaper reader minus the occasional read of…

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Indian Sweets

Get your Microwave Mojo On!

I have an ambivalent relationship with burfi. This milk-based Indian sweet pushes my ‘crave’ button…

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We Wanna Wear Our Food!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their entries for the Wear Your Food competition.…

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Gimme, Gimme Bateta Poha

Let me introduce you to the most wonderful breakfast/brunch/lunch in the whole entire world. Well, almost.…

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Paneer Recipes

Palak Paneer and Rehab

My crystal ball confirms that the ever popular dish, palak paneer (spinach and Indian cheese)…

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We’re Jammin’, I wanna Jam it wid you

Hey Bob. I mean readers. You like what I did there? How are you all?…

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Wear Your Food

Today I have just one word for you. Cute. I was out (ahem) shopping the…

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St P’s Welsh Dragons say Happy St David’s Day and Happy Holi!

Today’s post is dedicated to the spring festival Holi and the patron saint of Wales,…

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