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Happy Diwali From KO Rasoi!

Strolling down Belgrave Road in Leicester at Diwali time reminds me of my childhood. My…

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Restaurant Reviews

Mirch Masala- Leicester

Where: Mirch Masala pure vegetarian restaurant in Leicester (that’s lacto-vegetarian, although they also serve vegan…

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Indian Breads

Naan Pizza: It’s Breaking All The Rules

Italian Nonna’s would be turning in their graves. The naan pizza is not a replacement…

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Gujarati Cooking

Okra Again?

My second okra (‘bhinda’ in Gujarati, pronounced: BHin-DaH) recipe is a traditional ‘stir-fried’ curry as…

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Gujarati Cooking

Another Yummy Gourd Dish

This time it’s a traditional ridge gourd (turia: pronounced tu-ri-ya) curry. This is a curry…

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International Cuisine

My Chilli Tofu

Everyone loves a great big plate of chilli paneer, but what do you do when…

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Fit For A King! Or Queen.

Nougat, nougat, nougat. I love nougat! Eggless nougat of course. I’ve been hoping to make…

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Spiced Baby Zucchini Soup

This quick spicy zucchini/courgette soup is my second recipe to you during this squash and…

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Have a Recipe Request?

I am always delighted to hear about your cooking adventures, tips and ideas. I love…

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