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FoodNetwork’s Chronic Cupcake Condition & me

Hello yummy readers! I’m keeping it short and sweet today as I just wanted to share with you an article I wrote for FoodNetwork’s UK website. They’re doing a jam-packed e-cupcake fest for National Cupcake Week 2010 (from 13th-19th September).   Check out their range of cupcake recipes online and keep a hanky handy. There’s a severe …

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The Rise of the Geek

Alas. I regret to inform you that for geeky reasons I will be away from my beloved KO Rasoi for a few weeks. That’s right… Exams are taking over my life. Revision is consuming me rather than me, consuming delicious blog treats. I will be back soon, hopefully reaping fruits of success in terms of …

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Cosmopolitan Chicks for Easter?

Today’s Daily Express contains rainbow chicks. I’m not actually a newspaper reader minus the occasional read of The Times online. I seem to prefer television news, a.k.a the lazy woman’s global events guru. I digress. My mum told me that there was a little story about rainbow chicks in the Daily Express today. Being the curious cat …

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