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Secretly Decadent Spinach and Mung Bean Soup

A little twist on an old Gujarati classic   Iron-rich foods are essential for vegetarians who without it, may feel constantly lethargic, tired and run-down. I speak not from formal education in food nutrition, but from experience. We all need iron in our diets to keep us strong like Popeye (Popeye, if you’re reading this, …

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Simple Gujarati Daal

This recipe was requested by Katrina via Ask Sanjana and it is my pleasure to share with you all, my old skool recipe for Gujarati daal. The beauty of Gujarati daal is that it is thinner and therefore lighter than your usual daal, yet also packed full of flavour. It is super important that the …

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Spiced Baby Zucchini Soup

This quick spicy zucchini/courgette soup is my second recipe to you during this squash and gourd season. It can be a light and healthy lunch all by itself or a hearty, delicious dinner when teamed with crusty bread. I like to add plenty of vegetables to my soups because it is a great way to …

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