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Palak Paneer Recipe (Easy, Beginner-friendly)

A quick and easy Palak Paneer Recipe (easy, beginner-friendly) with delicious, fresh flavours. This is the perfect recipe if you’re new to cooking this Indian curry. Palak Paneer is a popular Indian restaurant dish made with spinach and paneer, a soft and squidgy Indian cheese. This tasty vegetarian curry is simple enough to cook during …

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Restaurant-Style Matar Paneer

Let’s make Restaurant-Style Matar Paneer. Matar Paneer is a warmly spiced Indian curry made with paneer and green peas. The soft and creamy cubes of Indian cottage cheese pairs so well with simple fresh garden peas, making this vegetarian curry a pillar of Desi restaurant and home-style cooking. What is Matar Paneer? Matar Paneer is …

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