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The Best Chocolate Samosa

Here’s how to make The Best Chocolate Samosa with a gooey, melting double chocolate ganache centre. I like to toss each golden, flaky samosa in cinnamon sugar for the most beautiful finish, reminiscent of the Spanish dessert, Churros with hot chocolate. They are the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers, with their gooey, lava-like dark and …

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Vegan Custard Powder Fairy Cakes

These spongy, golden yellow Vegan Custard Powder Fairy Cakes are everything I want in a cake. They’re absolutely the happiest cakes I know how to make! The version I remember growing up always had the most basic sprinkles on top. 5 reasons why you need to make these Vegan Custard Powder Fairy Cakes ASAP They’re crazy …

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