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Indian Vegetarian Soul Food

Steaming pots of rice, piles of leopard-spotted flatbreads, bowls of aromatic curry and lentils; This is Indian soul food.

Meet the Creator

Inspired by ingredients, people and stories, my passion lies in creating modern Indian recipes that are rooted in traditional flavours. My love of food began with the South Asian dishes I ate growing up as a first generation Brit. My family’s Indian culture has taught me to believe that food transcends borders and that a bowl of daal can fix anything. - Sanjana

"Featuring traditional Asian dishes with a hint of modernity, Indian-origin Brit, Sanjana creates beautiful recipes that are bound to make you nostalgic."
- Vogue India

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Comforting Bowls

Gujarati Kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi is a belly-warming concoction of spiced yoghurt and gram flour. It’s light comfort…

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Easter Chocolate Burfi

This super-duper chocolatey take on Indian Burfi puts Easter chocolate to work for a totally…

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30-Minute Meals

Hot Cross Crumb Mac & Cheese

Hot Cross Crumb Mac & Cheese is The ultimate luxury macaroni cheese for hot cross…

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30-Minute Meals

20-Minute Aloo Methi

Have my vegetarian 20-Minute Aloo Methi curry on the table faster than it takes to…

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Vegan Jam Roly Poly

A vegan take on Jam Roly Poly, the classic British steamed pudding I loved so…

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Easy Lunch

Sri Lankan-Style Potato Wedges

XXL Sri Lankan-Style Potato Wedges with a crispy spice and rice coating. Serve these vegan,…

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Masala Cheese Scones

Never underestimate the power of Masala Cheese Scones and a mug of hot tea. This…

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Athela Marcha (Instant Chilli Pickle)

Athela Marcha (Instant Chilli Pickle) is a Gujarati-style Indian chilli pickle. Fresh green and red…

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30-Minute Meals

Lime Pickle Tofu Steaks

Lime Pickle Tofu Steaks with a grilled hot and sour coating. The ultimate vegan “steaks”…

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