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Batata Harra Dosa

South Indian dosa meets Lebanese garlic potatoes in this recipe for Batata Harra Dosa. It’s fresh, vegan and delicious with juicy pomegranate. What is batata harra? Batata harra, which translates to ‘spicy potatoes’ in Arabic, is a popular Lebanese side dish made with crispy fried or roasted potatoes tossed in a lemony garlic and coriander …

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Spinach and Black Bean Paratha

Try this easy and delicious recipe for Spinach and Black Bean Paratha. This Indian flatbread has a green spinach-enriched dough, a spicy black bean and cheese filling and 20g protein per serving if you pair them with cottage cheese. A delicious, wholesome breakfast, lunch or dinner. I enjoy mine with either cottage cheese or Greek …

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