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Pistachio Barfi Recipe (2 Ingredients!)

Let’s make the easiest ever Pistachio Barfi Recipe (2 Ingredients!). This is a simple barfi recipe that looks as good as it tastes. The textures and flavours are so delicious and moreish. Best of all, it’s not too sweet! If you’re not familiar with barfi already, imagine a fudgy Indian milk sweet that’s popular during …

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11 Burfi Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

11 Burfi Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth. Whether you’re celebrating Diwali, Eid, or another special occasion, I’ve got the burfi recipe for you. Let’s explore the magic of the classic South Asian sweet, Burfi. What is Burfi? Burfi is a milk-based sweet from the Indian subcontinent with a fudge-like consistency. It’s made by evaporating …

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15-Minute Mango Burfi

Learn how to make 15-Minute Mango Burfi (recipe and video)! This quick and simple recipe for the milky, fudgy South Asian sweet, Mango Burfi requires just a handful of ingredients and the texture is just like shop bought burfi. What does Burfi mean? The word ‘burfi’ or ‘barfi‘ in both Hindi and Urdu originates from the Persian term, ‘barfī‘, which …

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