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I work really hard to maintain high standards for all my content and images and would love for you to respect that by not copying any part of my blog without prior permission. If you would like to reproduce any of my content or images please write to me for permission. Otherwise, all images and content on KO Rasoi are protected by United Kingdom and International Copyright Laws and should not be reproduced or published without prior written permission from me. If permission is given, all reproduced images and text must be credited and linked back to Information from KO Rasoi may not be used in any form for publishing on other websites, mailing lists, for commercial purposes without explicit permission from myself. Unless you have written permission from myself, you cannot distribute the content of KO Rasoi. To request permissions or for commercial use of photos or content from KO Rasoi, contact me via e-mail at korasoi(at)live(dot)co(dot)uk. Thank you for visiting KO Rasoi. All text and images Copyright © by KO Rasoi 2009-2011. All rights reserved.

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