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Millionaire’s Tiramisu

Layers of espresso-soaked chocolate sponge, salted caramel, shortbread biscuit crumbs and rich mascarpone cream create the most deliciously decadent Millionaire’s Tiramisu. This is an eggless tiramisu recipe without shop-bought sponge fingers, so anyone following an egg-free diet can enjoy it. Add dark rum or whiskey to the espresso for a dessert that’s a little more …

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Vada Pav (East African Style)

Try my delicious recipe for Vada Pav (East African Style). They’re spicy potato fritters stuffed inside a soft bun with fresh kachumbari (bright, zesty salad) and tamarind chutney. Taking inspiration from India’s legendary street snack, Vada Pav, this recipe has both Indian and East African flavours, quite like my own mixed family background. This recipe …

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Coconut Mogo (Cassava in Coconut Milk)

Let’s make East African Coconut Mogo (Cassava in Coconut Milk), or Muhogo wa Nazi in Swahili. This is an East African stew of tender mogo (cassava) in a delicious and creamy coconut sauce. It’s delicious when you top it with raw mango chutney, dry coconut chutney, daal bhajia and crushed up salted crisps (potato chips) …

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Batata Harra Dosa

South Indian dosa meets Lebanese garlic potatoes in this recipe for Batata Harra Dosa. It’s fresh, vegan and delicious with juicy pomegranate. What is batata harra? Batata harra, which translates to ‘spicy potatoes’ in Arabic, is a popular Lebanese side dish made with crispy fried or roasted potatoes tossed in a lemony garlic and coriander …

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Onion Bhaji Recipe (Indian Restaurant Style)

Learn how to make light and crispy Onion Bhaji (Indian Restaurant Style) with this easy recipe. I make these Onion Bhajis (Onion Pakora) with a secret ingredient for the crispiest texture – leftover bread! Take one bite and you won’t be able to stop eating them. These are onion bhajis without egg. What is an …

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Palak Paneer Recipe (Easy, Beginner-friendly)

A quick and easy Palak Paneer Recipe (easy, beginner-friendly) with delicious, fresh flavours. This is the perfect recipe if you’re new to cooking this Indian curry. Palak Paneer is a popular Indian restaurant dish made with spinach and paneer, a soft and squidgy Indian cheese. This tasty vegetarian curry is simple enough to cook during …

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Spinach and Black Bean Paratha

Try this easy and delicious recipe for Spinach and Black Bean Paratha. This Indian flatbread has a green spinach-enriched dough, a spicy black bean and cheese filling and 20g protein per serving if you pair them with cottage cheese. A delicious, wholesome breakfast, lunch or dinner. I enjoy mine with either cottage cheese or Greek …

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Dal Makhani Recipe (Slow Cooker Instant Pot)

Here’s a delicious Indian Dal Makhani Recipe (Slow Cooker Instant Pot) recipe for you to make next time you’re craving a delicious Indian meal. Dal Makhani, or Black dal is an Indian lentil dish with black gram (urad) with butter, spices and cream. It’s rich, smoky and has bags of flavour. Remember that the rich, …

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Indian Appetizers for a Party (25+ Vegetarian Recipes)

Looking for a list of Indian appetizers? You’ve come to the right place! These are my best-ever Indian Appetizers for a Party (25+ Vegetarian Recipes). Explore incredible Indian flavours with my collection of Indian vegetarian appetizer recipes. They’re perfect for parties, potlucks, festivals and well… any celebration! Not only are there loads of quick Indian …

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