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Warming Spiced Apple Chutney

warming spiced apple chutney

Baby it’s cold outside. I’m not kidding, it’s horrible. Last night the torrential rain and horrific winds woke me up from a deep sleep. All I wanted to do was curl up under the sheets and dream away…


But it was soon time to wake up and get on with university work. After sitting in front of a screen all day I just wanted to unwind. So what better way to relax than to make chutney? Okay, that sounded less nerdy and a lot cooler in my mind at the time. So I had a bag of Gala apples staring at me because I bought them cheap at the supermarket last week and had barely touched them. I fear I may have hurt the apples’ feelings.

Sorry apples. Let me make it up to you…

Ingredients (makes one cup of apple chutney)

7 medium eating apples, peeled, cored and quartered
1 ½ cups granulated sugar
3 cloves
1 inch piece of ginger, grated
¼ tsp star anise powder
¼ tsp fennel powder
Pinch of cardamom powder
Pinch of salt (helps to bring out the flavours of all the spices)
1 tsp chilli flakes (or more if you dare)


1. Mix together the apples and sugar. Leave on a low heat until the juice begins to seep out of the apples. When there is juice in the pan you can increase the heat (this is just so the sugar doesn’t burn). Don’t stir the mixture with a spoon, simply swirl it in the pan if you want nice big pieces of apple in your chutney.

warming spiced apple chutney 2

I just had to take this picture because the sugar-coated apples reminded me so much of sweets I used to eat as a child

2. When the sugar begins to caramelise and the mixture reduces to thick syrup add the ginger, star anise powder, fennel powder, cardamom powder, salt and chilli. Cook on a very low heat for 2-3 minutes then remove from the heat. The heat left in the pan should be enough to finish cooking the spices perfectly.

3. Fill the chutney into a sterilized glass jar and keep in the fridge. It should keep well for a few months. Enjoy on toast, in your favourite sandwiches, with curries or anything else you like!

warming spiced apple chutney 3

Remember to keep sending in your recipes for the Create for a Chilli Chopper Competition!

Wow, that was quick! Good job too because I’m really sleepy. Night night world…

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Wednesday 20th of October 2010

I am so proud of myself for making this Chutney, the second time I made it, I was confident with it. It is very well behaved can be used as a jam and with savoury foods. It looks every bit as good as the picture, I stir it in curries and stews and use it on the side with cold meats. With four apple trees in my garden, it it will be a chutney I make every year.


Friday 22nd of January 2010

Sounds like a great chutney to have on a sandwich, I love turkey sandwiches with chutney, on a home baked slices of bread, I will have to try this.


Sunday 20th of December 2009

Anna- Thanks for visiting! It is so simple to prepare and make :)

Meeso- I hope you enjoy it! And get a little time to make it to accompany Christmas dinner!


Saturday 19th of December 2009

Nice, I would love to make this for Christmas dinner! Lovely :)


Friday 18th of December 2009

That looks delicious, I never tried apple chutney, and looks very easy to make. I will definitely try this one.