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Perfect Basmati… Every Time!

basmati rice
I know you food bloggers must all know how to cook basmati rice beautifully. Indeed, I bet you’re all professionals at it and it should be the case that you’re sharing your rice cooking tips and techniques with me! Over the years I’ve found that everyone has their own unique ways of performing this sacred ritual. Let me take this opportunity to tell you how it’s done in the KO kitchen…

  • Basmati (extra long grain Indian rice) here is always washed in cold water (I do it until the water runs clear) to remove some of the starch from the rice. This ensures that the rice does not stick together as it boils.

  • I usually soak the rice for at least ten minutes. This softens the grains a little so that they cook quicker.

  • I boil the rice in a large pan filled with plenty of hot water; almost in the same way as you would boil pasta. This keeps the grains separate.

  • As the rice boils I add a wedge of lemon, a dash of salt, one or two cloves, two cardamom pods and a little cinnamon stick. The spices fragrance the rice and the lemon keeps it bright white and beautiful (just remember to remove it before you serve the rice!)

  • I cook my rice until it is just al dente (with a little bite) as it will continue to cook in its own steam while it drains.

  • The rice is then drained in a colander placed in a sink then I place the colander over a bowl or pan for any excess water to drain away. When the rice is a little cooler I separate the grains with a fork, taking care not to break them.

  • If you would like to make yellow rice then simply add a little bit of turmeric when you add the lemon and spices.

  • When making cumin rice, simply heat ghee or oil in a separate pan and fry the cumin until aromatic. Then pour over the cooled rice and coat each grain using a fork.

  • Play around with your rice, add different things and find combinations that suit you. Have lots of fun creating your own favourites!

  • And most importantly… Enjoy it with lots of delicious, spicy food!

turmeric rice

Over to you guys… How do you cook your rice? Any secret tips you wanna share with your favourite Gujarati food blogger?

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Saturday 18th of December 2010

Thanks all! Yes, Mariam that's exactly right.


Saturday 18th of December 2010

YUM!Does the lemon slice, cardamom, clove etc apply to 1 cup of rice? And do we double it as we double the amount of rice!?


Wednesday 31st of March 2010

love the look of ur rice so much,I need ur idea on vegetable biryani,the easiest and lightest on calories,btw I don't use ghee,I use veg oil.


Saturday 30th of January 2010

Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip, Sanjana.

Sharmilee! :)

Thursday 14th of January 2010

First time here....and cooking basmati rice explanation is quite gud will keep all these in mind when I cook next time! Nice space u hve