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Naan Pizza: It’s Breaking All The Rules

naan pizza 8

Italian Nonna’s would be turning in their graves. The naan pizza is not a replacement for those fantastic traditional pizzas made by the Italians. It’s just a quick and easy alternative which combines the flavours of Italy with the spices of India. Oh, and it’s a students best friend! A way of demonstrating that cheap food can be good food, if you will. So listen up folks, this is my naan pizza, it’s so easy I don’t even think it needs a recipe. So I didn’t write one. I reckon I’ll let the pictures do the talking (they’re not the most beautiful pictures in the world but I’m not a photographer and wouldn’t know how to make a naan pizza look pretty… sorry guys!). I added to it what I had in my fridge but you can top the naan with whatever takes your fancy or whatever you have lying around. Leftovers need never be a problem with the superduper king of Quick, Naan Pizza!

naan pizza 1

Naan. Pizza Sauce. A little mozzarella. Onions. Sweetcorn. But wait, some stuff is missing…
naan pizza 2
Mushrooms. Anything else?
naan pizza 3
A little green perhaps? I’m talking spinach.
naan pizza 4
Just a lil something to give it a kick. Indian blood courses through my veins does it not?
naan pizza 5
What? You want more mozzarella? Like seriously? Okay. We’ll have to run it off tomorrow…
Something is definetly missing here.
naan pizza 6
Herbs! Yes, lots and lots of them.
Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick… I can’t type 10 minutes worth of ticking at 200 degrees celcius. That would just be silly.
naan pizza 7
Quick, slice it before I fold it over and make a naan pizza sandwich out of it. Because I really can’t wait.
naan pizza 9
Guys, you better grab a slice before I eat it all.
Too late.

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