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Wear Your Food

candy shop charm bracelet 1

Today I have just one word for you.


I was out (ahem) shopping the other day and I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Honest. Yeah, I was window shopping. Then I came across this cuterriffic candy shop charm bracelet! I had to have it no matter what. In fact, I had to have two. Just to take them home and look at them. Forever. I may never wear it.

You want one?

Introducing the Wear Your Food Competition…

So I would love to just give one of these babies away, I really would. Although where’s the fun in that? So I ask a few little things from you wonderful, sweety charm bracelet deserving folks.

What do you have to do?
Pick your favourite candy charm (or charms) on the bracelet pictured above and create a single dish inspired by that charm (or charms). Sweet and simple, no? The winner will receive the candy shop charm bracelet and one runner up will receive a mystery prize. Yep. oUhhHhh.

I will post a round up of all the entries in the post that announces the winners.

What will you take your inspiration from?

candy shop charm bracelet 2

Teapots? Teacups/Coffeecups?

candy shop charm bracelet 3

Have a think while I pour you a drink…

candy shop charm bracelet 4

Lollypops? Ice cream? How many scoops?

candy shop charm bracelet 5

Sweet Hearts? Ice cream cones?

candy shop charm bracelet 6

Cupcakes? Spoons? I think I might die from cute overload.

candy shop charm bracelet 7

Oh stop it. I can’t stand the cuteness any more. Ice lollies? Chocolate cake? Or is it a tart? A teeny tiny fork? Ahhh…

candy shop charm bracelet 8

Strawberries? Cocktails? Mocktails?


1. If you aren’t already a follower please click ‘Follow’ on the left hand sidebar (cheeky me… Yup, that’s how I roll).

2. Please post your entry on your blog before the end date of the competition and state on the blog post that you are sending it to KO Rasoi’s ‘Wear Your Food’ competition. Archived entries are allowed as long as they are re-posted and it’s stated that you’re sending it in to this competition.

3. Non-bloggers can also enter by sending their recipes and pictures via e-mail.

4. Multiple entries are allowed.

5. Please add pictures to your recipe so that we can see how yummy and charm bracelet-inspired they are!

6. Please e-mail your entry/entries, along with your name, the name of your blog and a link to the post on your blog to: sanju_modha (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

7. Entries must be received by 30th March 2010 at 23:59 GMT. The winner will be announced soon after.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask me!

candy shop charm bracelet 9

Go on. Wear your food!

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