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Eggless Wedding Cakes

Told you I’d be back. Albeit late, but hey, I’m still here. And I’ve come armed with hundreds of little Red Velvet and Lemon Cupcakes topped with handmade sugarpaste Indian elephants and glitter-caked peacock feathers.

 Bespoke handmade sugarpaste Indian elephants (want these? Email me)

Two very lovely people got married in my hometown last Sunday and the beautiful bride had long ago asked me to make her a wedding cake. I was over the moon and ever so slightly alarmed by the prospect. It could collapse, melt in the heat of the British summertime or even worse, become a refuge shelter for the small mammals of Yorkshire.

Handmade sugarpaste peacock feather with edible glitter (want this? Email me)

I didn’t dare venture into the stacked eggless cake territory – that would be far too ambitious for an amateur such as myself. So I took the safe route and opted for an elegant clear cake stand, loaded it with cupcakes and topped it with the softest eggless sponge, jam and buttercream known to man (and woman).

Satisfied customer

It’s late and I’m babbling. I better stop – pronto.

I know you’re only here for the cake anyway.

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