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Perfect Handvo (Gujarati Lentil Cake)

The most Perfect Handvo (Gujarati Lentil Cake) recipe. Gujarati Handvo is a golden, fermented rice and lentil cake with vegetables. Some Gujaratis call this delicious tea-time snack Ondhwo. This recipe for Handvo is one I make from scratch, using whole, soaked lentils and rice. No packet mix or handvo flour necessary. What is Handvo? The …

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Village-Style Gujarati Khichdi (Buttery Rice & Lentils)

Let’s make Village-Style Gujarati Khichdi (Buttery Rice & Lentils). This is a nourishing Indian one-pot dish with basmati rice, lentils, turmeric, ghee and black pepper. The clattering of pots, pans and spoons in my kitchen is a sound that fills me with comfort and joy. It’s the first dish I crave after a long trip …

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