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Perfect Handvo (Gujarati Lentil Cake)

The most Perfect Handvo (Gujarati Lentil Cake) recipe. Gujarati Handvo is a golden, fermented rice and lentil cake with vegetables. Some Gujaratis call this delicious tea-time snack Ondhwo. This recipe for Handvo is one I make from scratch, using whole, soaked lentils and rice. No packet mix or handvo flour necessary. What is Handvo? The …

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Mombasa-Style Daal Kachori

Mombasa-Style Daal Kachori are crispy, pastry-covered daal and green mango snacks. This recipe is inspired by the hot and sour moong daal Kachori sold at Bhagwanjis sweet mart in Mombasa, Kenya. They’re the snack of my father’s childhood and this is a recipe that together, we have developed over the years. What are Kachori? Deep …

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